When it comes to all things hair - whether colour , condition or must-have tools - RE:NU founder Leigh-Anne Regan {@lreganhair} certainly knows a lot more than a thing or two... An authority on the latest and greatest tips , tricks and innovations . Leigh-Anne talked us through some hair essentials and best sellers that she cannot live without 




I love a styling tools that’s an all rounder , not just for my clients but on my own hair too. It’s the perfect size barrel for effortless waves , and not only that but the heat safestyling technology means I can style my hair often without worrying about the condition/shine being affected.


At home treatment RRP: £32.00

In salon Ritual £25.00

I have been using olaplex on my clients and myself for over a year and a half now. If you colour your hair and haven’t heard of this, try it. Honestly you won’t look back! Hair Looks  brighter the healthier it is. Hair in great condition moves , shines and looks expensive.  From a colourist’s point of view it allows me to create longer lasting colours for my clients and gives me the confidence that the hair can be maintained even at home.


INVISI BOBBLE RRP : £3.80 (pack of 3) 


The most damaging thing for hair is friction . That’s why women who wear scarves will always suffer from breakage in the nape of the neck . To avoid breakage on a day to day basis Invisi bobble is a must. Not only are they easy to use and snag free but they don’t leave creases in your freshly blow dried Barnet , perfect !  





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Holiday season is here .. and so are some of my essential products , tips and tricks to ensure your looking more like a Victoria secret model on the beach  and less like Monica from friends ...

Holiday season is here .. and so are some of my essential products , tips and tricks to ensure your looking more like a Victoria secret model on the beach  and less like Monica from friends ...


1-2 weeks before (prep)

Balayage   is the hair trend that is not dying, and this summer we are seeing balayage with brighter and more summery tones. For the perfect sun-kissed beachy look, ask your hairdresser to find the right tones for your skin.

For balayge inspiration see @lreganhair (obvs) @chealseahaircutters @bixiecolour @ninezeroone


2. 2 weeks before (prep) Cut, yes your hair may need a trim after your holiday, but the smoother , richer and more hydrated your hair is before you go away the easier it will be to control the frizz , if you have tortured ends ,, give them the chop your selfies will thank you for it

3. Treatment prep  give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week for a couple of weeks before you go away to make sure it's well moisturised .. I reccomend olaplex

4. Ghd's A quality hair straightener is one of the best investments you can make for you locks. They can smooth, and add waves and tight curls to all hair types, working wonders to give you the look and finish you desire.

5 The correct  heat , yes I'm talking Ghd's again ..

The new and limited edition Tropic Sky Styler from ghd has all the same great features as the original Platinum in a gorgeous, island print.

This is a styler which takes the guilt out of heat styling. Tri-zone technology ensures that heat is maintained so hair remains healthy, glossy and strong; giving you great results without compromising the condition of your hair.



By the pool ..protect your hair as often as you protect your skin .. everytime you add spf to your skin have a spritz of  One Coconut All In One Hair Treatment Coconut (150ml) to your hair.. the leave-in hair treatment spray  gives a host of benefits to all hair types. A unique concept in hair care this spray-in treatment provides 10 benefits to all hair types, from shine and frizz control to colour fade protection and UVA/UVB protection.


7.Headbands thank the lord headbands and turbans are the thing of the season .. check out @kristygreen for major holiday hair inspiration .. headwear available  from @zara



Keep colour .. colour fade will happen ! It's inevitable.. hats are great ! But you will still be washing it more often than usual  , take a @revlonproffesional nutri color creme to help maintain tones .. you can get them in almost every shade red, brown , beige and pearly blonde .. and it's a conditioning treatment too .. they also do handy travel sizes .. 50ml #holidaymusthave My favourite colours are 8.12 for dark blondes . 1002 for pearly blondes and 4.11 for deep brunettes.


Evening style , be like a kardashian and braid your hair in chunky braids .. leave to dry. How to do it . Wash your hair , dry your hair to 80% dry. Add a conditioner to your locks and braid , the excess water won't take long to dry , and the conditioner will keep the hair smooth and shiny after your siesta take them out and voila !!! Kim k waves without the glam squad .



Lastly have a sexy holiday .. #beachplease


Wow ! What a show to be part of !  

Hair by John vial  , always a pleasure being part of his backstage team.

Makeup by the genius that is Val Garland. 


And what made it even more spectacular ?? Nick Knight backstage doing a underground photoshoot .. I mean cmon .. I love my job !! 





Thread , embroidery and texture at hairclublive


I have had no time to post anything recently , but wanted to share a look I did recently at hair club live, what's amazing about working at this event is that I'm not backed my a brand . What that means is there is no risk involved , and it really allows you to be creative , experiment and develop ideas.

 2016 is the year of contradiction for me and it inspires me immensely .we are in a year that has advanced technology more than ever and have entered an improved digital age,. Yet The biggest fashion trends of 2016 is the return of tapestry and craft..


i love a #contradiction so for this I used a relatively old texture ..wool and cut the tapestry on stage to create a Mohawk with the overall feel keeping futuristic and digital . Thankyou @hairclublive for being an amazing platform to be #creative.  #woolhawk


Global industry press

So pleased this month to not only have my look on the front cover of the December issue of pro hair mag but also to have another image of my work on the front cover of the ghd ducation brochure. i will post the rest of the collection soon. It was an amazing day with the team at ghd and it's always a pleasure working with such a talented Photogropher  Andrew o toole. I cannot wait to show you the rest of the collection. 


Never stop learning

My 'vintage' look from my #expressstyling course today for @ghdhair. These courses are designed by me for Ghd. And the four looks for 2016 reflect current fashion trends and consumer trends . The looks directly relate to hair  our clients are asking for and seeing on catwalks and red carpets, making it easy to bring back and use immediately in salon.


Colourworld UK 2016

A great new event started this month in sunny London and it was a great honour to be part of the first show. 


colour world UK is an interactive fun and informative colour event with demonstrations , seminars and shows happening throughout the  venue  .


for me it's was a fantastic opportunity to showcase a colour technique I have been developing for a while. 


#lumielights Is a technique I have developed using @revlonprofessional.

  .. I braided the hair and then dressed out the braids and applied Revlon #nutricolourcreme #fondant shades to the loops .. Keeping the interior of the braid a prelightened clear blonde.

Working in this way gives an irredecent. Luminous  finish .. Colour that is not formed or solid .. It will reflect different tones  when the light hits it from different angles .. It's delicate and wearable with the creative option to exaggerate tones  as you desire. #hairbylreganhair #hair #haircolour #colourmymood #lumeelights #cwuk16 #haircolourist #creativecolour #colourconceps thanks for the pictures @andrewlunn82 And @photoaguilar

great to meet you both and thanks to @hannah_owen_ .

For being amazing and always thankyou to @revlonprofessionaluk and @tributehairmagazine @nickytribute for an awesome event ! #hair #blonde #glasses #art #paint #interior #cool #happy #graffiti #colour #colourpalette #colourscheme #irredescent #vibrant #colourist #instagood #



Central St martins cool hunting course

Education is incredibly important to me.. I think I've always loved learning even when I was much younger . At school it was not so great to be a geek but now I must say .. I really enjoy it ! 

I have always be naturally curious and a lot of things fascinate and interest me. I have a personal goal to learn at least one new thing a day. 

Image consultancy , trend hunting , innovation  and the thought provoking question .. 'what is cool?' is something that directly effects me because of my job. So I decided to go to the Central St martins .. The hub of cool to find out more. The  course was fascinating .. And as well as learning an incredible amount I also felt excited and inspired





Behind the scenes

Just a quick post .. Wanted to share a post for this technique that I developed , I call it a #chainmailbraid , this hairstyle has no added hair what so ever , I'm looking forward to developing and advancing on this technique. I will be at the open chair night   @hairclublive  on 12th April to demonstrate , look forward to seeing you there .. X



Revlon professional

It's here!! The  2016 Revlonuk education  brochure has been released and I'm pleased to announce that I am part of this incredible team.

I have been using Revlon colour now for the past year , As a colourist  , consistency and the quality of the product we work with can really enhance our creativity and craft and I can only say that my clients reactions speaks volumes for this fantastic brand.

I am so proud to be working closely with the team and I look forward to an exciting future with Revlon. 



Cinnemon Swirl

Hair so good you can taste it .. I am in love with these warm tones through deep brunettes in 2016. My client was previously a deep brunette and wanted to ensure the colour change remained rich and gleaming with shine. I used Revlon professional hair colour for this look .. Fantastic for maintaining optimum hair health and long lasting colour.


Effortless Red carpet hair

Nothing says sexy like relaxed glamour .. Hair that moves and isn't contrived has the ultimate Sex appeal .. Here's a little hairup from my express styling course that I just love!



Finesse balayage by me @indyhairdressing @lreganhair #shinyhair #colourwithoutcomprimise #olaplex #teamwork #inspiration #hair #balayage #highlights #blonde #bronde #london #leicester #haircondition #lomglastingcolour @revlonredhed @revlonprofessionaluk #revlonproffesional

Finesse balayage by me @indyhairdressing @lreganhair #shinyhair #colourwithoutcomprimise #olaplex #teamwork #inspiration #hair #balayage #highlights #blonde #bronde #london #leicester #haircondition #lomglastingcolour @revlonredhed @revlonprofessionaluk #revlonproffesional

I love braids

For those who do not know me I guess you could say I'm a little braid obsessed .. I'm always playing with new techniques and trying to take on trends to develop new looks. 


this is a look I designed for a pr day with Revlon for ss16 .. Hope you like it ! 


Bombshell brunettes by Leighanne Regan

 #balayage #highlights #aw15 today I created a #balayageandbase with @revlonprofessionaluk 4 and 10 vol , base balayage and 10 vol, toned , 7.35 and 8.1 for a soft warm reflect , all ready for winter. #Revlon #colour #colourist #hairstylist #hairbylreganhair #leicester #highcross #creative #luxury #luxeryhair #luxurycolour #bigblowdry #sexyhair #bombshellhair #bombshell @indyhairdressing

 #balayage #highlights #aw15 today I created a #balayageandbase with @revlonprofessionaluk 4 and 10 vol , base balayage and 10 vol, toned , 7.35 and 8.1 for a soft warm reflect , all ready for winter. #Revlon #colour #colourist #hairstylist #hairbylreganhair #leicester #highcross #creative #luxury #luxeryhair #luxurycolour #bigblowdry #sexyhair #bombshellhair #bombshell @indyhairdressing